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Édouard Ramaekers

1864 - 1941

Édouard Ramaekers

After initially studying to become a surveyor, Édouard Ramaekers continued his training in construction and architecture at the Saint-Luc school in Schaerbeek/Schaarbeek. Benefiting from the expertise of his father, who was himself an architect and with whom he would collaborate at the end of his studies, Ramaekers often distinguished himself as a brilliant student. He designed various constructions in the new north-eastern neighbourhood of Brussels from 1898, as well as the Neo-Gothic Church of Saint Anne in Koekelberg in 1901 (which was demolished in 1985). He is known for his private house and studio, where he achieved a delicate balance between the Art Nouveau and Neo-Gothic styles. He continued his architectural career in the Congo, which he would leave at the outbreak of the First World War in order to devote himself to travel and botany.

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