Avenue Winston Churchill 29

1905 Aimable Delune

Avenue Winston Churchill 29 | Uccle

Architect Aimable Delune (one of six brothers who were all either building contractors or architects) built several houses in the new neighbourhoods of Uccle. These included four along the well-appointed Avenue Winston Churchill (then still known as Avenue Longchamp), linking the woodland of Bois de la Cambre to Avenue Brugmann. 

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Two neighbouring houses, at numbers 31 and 29, designed by Delune showcase contrasting styles. The former is classical in appearance, confining its Art Nouveau playfulness to the ironwork of its first-floor covered terrace. By contrast, the latter clearly bears the imprints of the prevailing style: a door with panels and sinuous wrought iron, surrounded by cut stone, as well as arched frames and sgraffito with a floral design. Under the concave eaves are two peacocks, symbols of pride and immortality, on a gold background holding out the prospect of a bright day.

While the architect was responsible for the façade, the interior was designed by the owner.