Hôtel Max Hallet

1903 Victor Horta

Avenue Louise 346 | Bruxelles

This large mansion is located on one the city’s most prestigious avenues. The construction corresponds to a phase in Victor Horta’s career when he sought to return to a more restrained style. It is also one of the few buildings created by Horta to have stood the test of time without excessive alteration.

Area Louise
Protected heritage in Brussels
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Horta built this mansion for his friend, the lawyer and politician Max Hallet, so that he could easily receive his friends and clients there. Although it is simple, nothing was left to chance. The façade is subtly rooted to the pavement in a slight curve (this is known as a “mur en fruit” or sloping wall), rather as though it were emerging naturally from the ground like a tree.

The balcony runs uninterrupted all along the front of the house, accentuating its horizontality. This also has the effect of further expanding the façade, which is already much wider than those of traditional houses in Brussels.

Inside, you will discover an amazing flower-filled world (including wallpaper, wall paintings, etc.). In order to cater to Mrs Hallet’s fondness for plants, Horta also designed a bold winter garden consisting of three large, rounded niches that jut out over the back garden. The glass was once gilded throughout and the whole structure was gilded with fine gold. Imagine the spectacular effect that this glazed feature had on visitors when seen from the entrance hall.

It is possible to visit the house by appointment.


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